New Zealand’s First Museum

Auckland Museum is located a bit off in regards to the city centre. This meant I, not being in the mode of figuring out how to get there by public transportation, and getting no help at the less than serviceminded hostel I stayed at, took a taxi. It wasn’t far from my accommodation, on the map, but still not money worth spending, considering having walked through all the exhibitions, the only thing that stood out was the Maori display. I was able to have a look inside the meeting house, which I wasn’t at the Ohinemutu living village in Rotorua – I guess it goes without saying… So that’s a cool thing! I ditched the museum’s Maori cultural performance, not to my taste, and it was no problem going public on the LINK bus service returning to the city centre – at that point I had spent enough money on mainly nothing…


Note: Photos are by Bob Linsdell (#1) and me (#2).

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