The Maori Village of Ohinemutu

A short walk from downtown Rotorua lies a living Maori village, where the most striking feature is the cluster of buildings surrounding the main square. With the meeting house, which you unfortunately are not allowed to enter, and St. Faith’s Church, which is open to the public, but for some reason was closed during my stop, being the most exceptional. There’s also a small shop, more of a souvenir thing, which was closed as well. To my liking I had the place to myself ๐Ÿ™‚ I decided not to venture further into the village as I felt it to be a little too intrusive. Two girls I befriended at my hostel told me they had spoken to some locals who had strongly discouraged them to visit Ohinemutu in the late afternoon, apparently not safe… Turned out I had been there at the same time of day, and didn’t find any reason for them not to go. Weird!

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