Matenga Nature Reserve

The Matenga Nature Reserve in Swaziland’s Ezulwini Valley, I thought was going to be a lot more captivating than it was. I deliberately avoided the cultural village, as I’m not into villages built for tourists. Instead I did a round trip to Matenga Falls to have a look at the waterfall and get a glimpse of the reserve, maybe even spot some wildlife. The falls were a lot smaller than I expected. The landscape not particularly impressive. The Execution Rock a “fun” feature though. Only evidence of wildlife was a sign saying: Beware of the crocodile. Finding it very unlikely and odd, I had to ask my driver if there were crocodiles in the, very shallow, river?? Up in the mountains?? He laughed, and said he had never seen one. Great way of keeping people away from the river 🙂 FYI, with me not entering the cultural village, I paid a reduced entrance fee to the reserve.

When doing my Swaziland research I didn’t find a tour I would like to join, so I asked the hotel to hire me a taxi, which could take me to the places I wanted to go. With things going very quickly, it saved me time and money.


Execution Rock

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