Durban’s Beachfront

Now, this is a story all about how, I once again learned to listen to the advice of the locals. When I told the Uber driver that I wanted to visit the Durban beachfront, and that he could drop me off at the Blue Lagoon, he just looked at me in disbelief. Are you gonna walk all the way down to uShaka Marine World? It’s a long walk! And they’re gonna take your bag! Hmmm… Still not quite sure if he was exaggerating, I told him yes. But when we approached the Blue Lagoon, I got it πŸ™‚ It was completely desolate this time of year. Definitely no reason to get off there. So instead of me walking the 6 km (yes, I know, at bit too long πŸ˜€ ) known as the Golden Mile, he drove slowly along the promenade, rather than the highway, so I got to see it all. Afterwards he dropped me off at the more busy end, at uShaka Marine World, which I bothered only to walk up to South Beach from, a distance that was faaaar from what I had planned. A good thing I changed my mind! The Golden Mile has a great beach, and a wide promenade lined with some really cool cafes. I got to try one. Others I wanted to try, but there is a limit physically to how much I can eat within an hour, unfortunately πŸ™‚

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