VIDEO: Onshore Whale Watching

In Hermanus you can choose between two ways of seeing the whales that migrate here June to November. You can either go by boat or see them from land. Having the opportunity to go whale watching at home (in Arctic Norway), I decided not to go with the boats, but try my luck on shore. And seeing how many people were on the boats, I was happy I wasn’t going. But then again I can’t say there weren’t plenty of whale watchers who had made the same decision as me. Many! But with all of us dispersing across the walkway along the cliffs and the rocks out in the sea, it was not so bad. I most definitely had a great time, and at no point did I regret not going on the boats. I must admit I didn’t think I was gonna get this lucky. I’d say there were at least four whales in the bay, and even a calf, it looked like. After taking it slow for a while, one of the whales took off and breached several times. The only problem is getting it on tape. Now I realise who difficult it is to get the perfect shot. Needless to say you need better equipment than the average person, and time, lots of time, to sit, and wait, and try, and try again, to hit that button at exactly the right time. In the end I had to be happy with what I, who has nothing of what’s needed, got. Another realisation is how incredible big these animals are. When watching the ones that were closest to the shore, thinking they are big, and then realising that you’re only seeing a tiny part of its back, you’re flabbergasted. If you’re not able to spot the whales yourself, there is a whale crier at work in Hermanus. When a whale is spotted in the bay, he’ll sound the horn. Not that I heard him at any point…

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