Twee Rivieren Safari Rest Camp Sets the Bar High

Having been on a safari once before, in Tanzania, this was what I knew of safari camping sites, not what Twee Rivieren Rest Camp in the Kalahari Desert offered. I was so surprised and impressed. So totally different from what I had expected and experienced before. Staying for a night only, I decided a tent should suffice, but you can rent cottages and chalets as well. However with the facilities available at the tent area, you need no cottage or chalet. Nice and clean restrooms with water closets, showers and washbasins. Plenty of room too, so not feeling cramped at all. Need to say the camp wasn’t full though… On site there’s also a grocery store/souvenir shop, petrol station, a restaurant serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner, also do take-away, and a board/map with the animal sightings of the day. With my safari tour operator providing, in addition to a tent, a bed, mattress and sheets, sleeping bag, pillow, fleece blankets, chair, firewood and a tent light, I had all that I needed. Adding to that great weather; meaning not freezing, so I actually had to remove all the clothes I had put on before going to bed, and no bugs; only a mongoose passing behind my tent a couple of times, I could not have been happier. And to top that off, my driver and guide let me connect to his wifi, so I could connect to the world. I had no idea there would be reception and electricity in the bush 🙂 So there I was, all set for a quiet and star-filled night in the Kalahari Desert.


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