ASIA in Oslo

On the quest for a new Thai food place to try, in the vicinity of where I had agreed to meet a friend for a late lunch/early dinner last Sunday, I came across ASIA Aker Brygge on Google Maps. Their website looked inviting, so decided to give it a try. And I made a new discovery! Lavishly decorated, and with a menu pretty different from regular Asian restaurants (lots of interesting dishes on offer), I felt good right off the bat. After not being able to decide what to go for, one of the three(!) waiters we had, made us aware of the lunch box concept, called Bentobox. Really cool! It comes in a lunch box, with a lid that is removed when served, with different compartments containing different dishes, which changes from day to day. It will always contain a starter (raw, lightly grilled or crispy), a main dish (curry or noodles), a salad, rice and a signature dip. Sunday it was sashimi (salmon) with a slightly sour sauce, noodle salad, green salad, spicy dip, sour orange curry and rice. When my friend was going to go for something else, since she doesn’t like sashimi, they offered to change the starter to spring rolls. And when I asked to switch the sour orange curry with a chicken noodle curry (came without the noodles, which was even better), it was not a problem either. As it says on the menu, I had a Happy Ending 🙂 too, Thai banana cake with vanilla and coconut cream, mango sorbet and mango puree. Happy, happy!


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    • I liked it a lot! Yes, I guess every country has its own spin on foreign cuisine. I think I’ve had the spiciest red curry in Munich, well, outside of Asia that is 🙂

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