Bangkok Airport Hotel II

On my return from Sydney to Oslo, I did the same as on my outbound trip, I decided to stay at a cheap hotel while I was waiting for my next flight. Hate hanging out at the airport for several hours. The airport chairs get harder by the minute πŸ™ Arriving into Bangkok late in the afternoon, but still with time to go for a walk, I was pretty bummed when the rain was hammering down. Not the most exciting area, but after being crammed up in an airplane for 8 hours or so, I just wanted to move my legs. This one also a basic hotel, and a short drive away from Suvarnabhumi airport, but better than Plai Garden, which I stayed at going south.


Note: Photo is from hotel’s website.




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  1. Yeah, we’re headed to Hua Hin in Sep. ANd when we arrive it will be in the mid afternoon and too late to take the long drive. So we’d stay near the airport too and go to Rod Fai market in the evening!

      • We will pick up a rental and drive to Hua Hin. We intend to road trip all around the place in 3-4 days and it would be packed, so self drive is best!

        • Sounds great! I never self-drive, I hardly drive in Norway, so not about to take on even more crazy traffic πŸ™‚ Sometimes it would have made things a lot easier…

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