Miraflores of Lima

The best about the Miraflores neighbourhood in Lima is the splendid sea view. Otherwise it is more of a generic, high-end place with shops, restaurants, and what else you expect to find in a city. The area’s huge shopping mall, Larcomar, has taken the best spot, and thereby offering restaurants with a superb view. When strolling the streets I also came across a couple of artisan markets. Not the most impressive ones, but I did fall in love with a Cusco woman’s paintings, now hanging on the wall in my apartment 🙂 Love the colours! Even though Miraflores might not be the most exciting part of town, it is a good place to base yourself.

Website: miraflores.gob.pe

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  1. Well yes Miraflores itself is suppose to be the “upclass” neighbourhood. We stayed there for almost a week with Suan’s brother who happened to be in town with the Cirque. Got around to the Larco, went to the “inca market” etc. a good place to rest after Machu and Cusco!

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