Andorra la Vella

First time I considered going to Andorra was when I was visiting Barcelona and wanted something else to do than just stay in the city. With how to get there not being quite clear, at least at that point in time, I decided not to. This time on the other hand, it was all about Andorra. And with Andorra la Vella being the capital, I decided to base myself there. It did however turn out not to be a very big place, so it was kind of quickly done… Since Andorra is also known for tax-free shopping, I decided to spend some hard-earned cash instead. Hate to tell you, but I got disappointed, again? For a tax-free paradise I thought the selection would be a lot bigger. Still I did bring a few items home. Rarely I don’t find anything to shop 🙂 For me the most impressing with this city is the landscape. Thrust in between high mountains towering above you, in a valley where a river runs through and the houses are clinging to the hillsides. With most houses made of stone, it is hard to spot them on the slopes. I’d say come for the nature, stay in Andorra la Vella for some city life perks too.

I was on the Direct Bus ( from Barcelona Airport. It stops in the city centre too, at the train station, which is also where you go to pick up your ticket. Show the driver your reservation confirmation (I booked online) when boarding the bus at the airport, and he’ll let you know what to do when you arrive at the train station, in Spanish only… As my flight was arriving less than an hour before one of the departure times, I didn’t want to risk it, and booked a ticket on the next bus. Turned out I made it in time for the earliest of the two buses, and the driver let me get on this bus instead of waiting for 2 hours – perfect! The bus ride takes about 3.5 hours from El Prat to Andorra la Vella, including the stop in downtown Barcelona. On the way there is some great scenery, especially when you get to the Pyrenees, otherwise pretty boring.

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  1. I have been intrigued with this place for quite some time. Like you, I had the intention to visit from Barcelona but changed plans. Thanks for the info! It will be better to visit independently than to take a tour. #FarawayFiles

    • Yes, it is a long bus ride from Barcelona, so it won’t leave much time for visiting Andorra itself. And you must do the spa! The area around Andorra la Vella is nice, so you’ll miss out on that too.

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