Utter Perfection!!

If this restaurant located behind an anonymous door in Miraflores is not perfect dining, then I don’t know! After getting this tip from Angus, an Aussie playwright I met in a cafe in the Peruvian Amazon town of Iquitos, I took to the streets of Lima to look for it. And it wasn’t the easiest place to track down, as it is set off the main thoroughfare in a residential area. When I entered I started to regret my choice as Central Restaurante turned out to be a high-end restaurant filled with business dressed people having lunch. I kind of felt out of place in my very causal, at-the-end-of-a-4-week-Ecuador-and-Peru-tour attire… But there was no need to worry, as the staff was super nice and made me feel very welcome even though I didn’t dress the part. Even the Sous-Chef came over to chat. Wow! Seems like word travelled that I was visiting from Norway 🙂 And another thing, my bag got it’s own fold-out chair! Foodwise it was impeccable! The presentation amazing! The taste spot on! After my two entrees for lunch I was presented with a complementary dessert, petite fours served on a granite rock. Wow again! Now I have realised that one of my best dining experiences ever has been selected the best restaurant in Latin America for the third year in a row, and also the 4th best restaurant in the world in 2016. Definitely an award well deserved! With a high esteemed place like that I assume reservations are needed, but I had none…

Website: centralrestaurante.com.pe

Note: Photos are by Stephan R.


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