I Had to Do Amsterdam Airport Hotel

Due to the terrorist attacks in Paris and expiring frequent flyer miles, I ended up heading for Amsterdam for an overnight shopping trip. Not wanting to spend more money than necessary, I was looking for the cheapest hotel I could find. Oh boy, Amsterdam accommodation is expensive! The best option turned out to be an airport hotel, meaning upon arriving I made my way to the storage lockers at the airport, ditched my bag, headed for the city, had a day of shopping and eating, returned to the airport to get my carry-on, and jumped on the shuttle bus to the hotel. From what I saw of the place it looked like a good spot. Nice foyer, OK room, and cute comp water bottles 🙂 Considering I was freezing after a long day out in the chilly, windy weather the (super) hot room was perfect for one who is always cold. After some hours of sleep I was out!

There’s a shuttle bus going between the airport and the hotel. Doesn’t leave very often, so plan ahead or find other means of transportation. I thought it was a bit unclear what bus to get on, as the hotel name didn’t correspond, at least when you’re in a rush 🙂 Getting back to the airport the next morning, taxi was my best option. Turned out my pre-booked taxi turned up, but some fellow overnighters were not so lucky, so I offered to share my taxi with them. Three American guys heading for Kenya and Dubai, who insisted on paying the fare. #reallynotnecessary

Website: bestwesternschipholairport.nl

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  1. Sounds like a good place to stay for your short visit. Amsterdam can be super chilly can’t it! How lovely of the guys to pay the taxi fare! #citytripping

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