Daydream Island

When exploring the Whitsunday Islands, I wanted to go island hopping, but not be part of a sail boat tour. It appeared to be a difficult thing, as there are only a couple of islands that receive daily ferries from Airlie Beach. And the ticket prices were definitely not on the cheap side. After considering my options I decided to head for Daydream Island, where I found a big resort taking up the whole island, with a hotel complex on one end and kind of a village centre on the opposite end, connected by a boardwalk along the sea. I almost felt like the boardwalk was the best feature of the island… The hotel side of the island has a marine park, the Living Reef, where you can feed fish and watch animals up close. A couple of beaches, one more popular and bigger than the other. The smallest one, Lover’s Cove, being where I sought sanctuary, where I could walk off the beach to do some snorkelling, where the resident kangaroos came down to hang out, when they’re not hopping around the property. A bit hard to find, as you have to navigate from one side of the hotel to the other, through hotel hallways, but worth it. The village centre was a place to get food, do some minor shopping, and an entertainment area with an open air cinema. Quite boring I thought. But probably a lot nicer in the evening. A day trip worth the money? Nah…

Island transfer was by Cruise Whitsundays (



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  1. I’m not so sure, Bea, the thought of seeing kangaroos on the beach would inspire me to visit, I think! It would be such a thrill. Thanks for sharing on #FarawayFiles

  2. Oh sorry Bea – you made me laugh. Have you seen the movie Muriel’s Wedding? Well the fictional Hibiscus Island is modelled on Daydream – eek! Sorry you had this experience #FarawayFiles

    • Nothing better than to make people smile 🙂 Haven’t seen the movie, heard of it though, so had to do a YouTube search. And, yes, there are some similar features. Cool 🙂 Thanks!

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