Scootering, Snorkeling, Sunbathing and Shopping

When my newfound friend and I were looking for a walk-off-the-beach snorkeling spot on Cook Islands’ Rarotonga, we were suggested Fruits of Rarotonga by our hostel. And it was perfect, as it turned out be a desolate beach. Well, later in the afternoon we were joined by a couple of groups, six people in total, but they decided to stay further down the beach. No objection here 🙂 The snorkeling was actually pretty good keeping in mind it was just off the shore. An OK experience considering the fact that we didn’t wanna be bothered with getting on a boat. The rest of the day was spent in the sun on the beach watching and hearing the waves break on the reef. A good day out!

My fellow traveller decided to rent a scooter for her stay, and offered me to tag along in the passenger seat for the few days we had together. A great way to get around the island, if you know how to handle one. I don’t, so lucky me 🙂 After first having to rent a scooter, then pay a fee and complete a driving test, which comprised of going straight, doing an eight shaped cone track and getting thumb up or thumb down at the police station, a Cook Islands driver’s license was issued, and off to the beach we went. With a Cook Islands Police Department tank top for me 😀 Which proves I can do shopping anywhere 🙂

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    • I get it! I am not a strong swimmer either. In the beginning I preferred off the beach as well, but now I am more comfortable with snorkelling and being out in deep waters, as long as I don’t have to jump off the boat 🙂 It is very convenient to be able to snorkel and afterwards just go lay on the beach.

  1. I think it’s a good idea that you have to take a driving test. I would have expected that you would just pay the fee and go. Minimal time for a little bit of safety. The tank top is a pretty cool souvenir. I haven’t made it to Raro yet even though it’s one of the closer islands to where I live.

    • Yes, I was actually surprised as well! You’re so lucky to be living so close to the Pacific islands. I would go there on vacation constantly 🙂 I’d choose Aitutaki over Rarotonga.

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