What a Gorgeous Square!

I am pretty sure Grand Place in Brussels is one of the most beautiful squares I have ever been to, if not the most beautiful. This is the second time I have visited, and since Christmas is soon coming up the square had a big Christmas tree in place, like any other square with respect for itself πŸ™‚ I have never visited those few days in August every other year when there is a carpet of flowers covering a large part. Looks stunning in photos! What is constant are the incredible buildings on the four sides. It’s just elegance everywhere you turn. There is Brussels Town Hall with the huge tower, that proves very difficult to fit in photos πŸ™‚ Broodhuis, which kind of has a ghost like appearance and houses the Museum of the City of Brussels. And the guildhalls – golden, detailed, ravishing.

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0 thoughts on “What a Gorgeous Square!

  1. I absolutely adore Brussels!! I think it has an absolutely beautiful square, too. The waffles are tasty as well. πŸ˜‰

  2. I knew you meant here, even before you said it. It’s so lovely. There’s nothing quite like it. We only had one night in Brussels, spending most of the time based in Bruges but it’s a lovely city.

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