I Got My Money’s Worth!

As you might recall I wasn’t too happy with my buy at Hotwire for my trip to Bruges. Still not happy with Hotwire, but the hotel is very nice. I definitely got bang for my buck! This 4 star, and I would agree on the  4 stars, hotel is located in what my taxi driver considers the best area, and I totally agree. It is a short walk to the main square, but even more alluring are the streets surrounding the hotel. Narrow streets with restaurants, cafes, chocolate shops, waffle houses, souvenir meccas, and the horse and carriage starting point, if you’re into that. The hotel’s common areas are beautifully decorated, which adds to the whole experience. The single room (with Hotwire you don’t know what you get) I was given was a bit hard to find. There are two buildings separated by a garden, and many hallways going this and that way. But the room itself is nice, and best of all it had a bath tub, so I got to soak after a day of strolling the cobblestoned streets.

Website: hotelacademie.be

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  1. I’ve never used any of the sites or features of sites that have “mystery” deals. Sorry to hear about your issue with hotwire. I will stay clear of them.

    • I have a friend and a his friend who have raved about it, so I though I’d give it a try. Same price as I would have gotten booking through sites where you know what hotel you’re getting. Otherwise it wasn’t a problem. I can say the same about Gototgate though 🙁

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