Living in a Box

This must be one of the coolest places I’ve stayed! In a box, half a block off Sukhumvit Road in Bangkok. They come in different sizes, but I imagine they are small either way πŸ™‚ Initially I was looking at the largest room with a floor to ceiling window, but since the view wasn’t too impressive I decided to go for the medium size, and I was very pleased with my choice. As you might have figured out by now the room is small, so if you need space, this is NOT for you πŸ˜‰ The bathroom is equipped with a shower with a glass wall, and a shower curtain if you need privacy πŸ™‚ For a less claustrophobic feeling there is a big window with an adjustable blind and lights that can change color to fit your mood. Storage wise I guess it is smartest to unpack and place in wardrobe as floor space is very limited. Folded suitcases can be placed at the foot of the bed under a shelf that functions as a table as well. Also some storage under the bed, but mostly suitable for shoes. Breakfast is served in a very small breakfast room. With all the food available in the area I never made it to breakfast, but I stopped by to have a look. And there are boxes here as well, for plates with different foods on them. After arriving from the airport in a shiny, black tinted windows BMW, best airport pick-up in a while :), I was met by hotel staff dressed top to bottom in denim. And flying in from Myanmar it was very strange to be greeted by less than friendly girls at the reception. The men working at the concierge service were totally opposite. After two days the girls were smiling at me, but laughing behind someone else’s back…


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  1. Lived there a couple of years ago, cool those days it takes for the jet lag to wear off, or when you only need a comfortable bed when the rest of the days are filed with sightseeing etc.
    After that time it is less cool and charming.
    Btw, around the corner they have a great steak restaurant even by european standards.

  2. This place looks very coll and stylish. I have stayed in places of about the same size and they are not advertised as a box hotel (which means I was ripped off). #citytripping

  3. This sounds like a really unique and fun hotel. Hopefully the price matches the size? I’ve stayed in a couple super small hotel rooms in Europe, and I’ve always struggled finding room for me and my luggage. I don’t think this hotel would be any different. The beautiful large window does help with the claustrophobia though. Did the bear come on the bed or did you add him? He’s such a cute addition!

    • Yes, it’s actually not that expensive. I think you’ll find it too small. I never unpack, so my suitcase was on the floor, and not much room left to walk on… But I didn’t mind it. Bear came with the room πŸ™‚

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