VIDEO: The Wonder Named U Bein Bridge

In Amarapura outside Mandalay you’ll find the spectacular U Bein Bridge. What is funny is that the bridge itself is not the most incredible thing I have ever seen, but put the camera to use at sunset and the wonders appear. The over 1 km long teak bridge is apparently hugely popular at sunset as the place was packed with people. So much that it was like walking London’s Oxford Street on a busy Saturday, in the beginning, because if you bear with it and head over to the furthest part of the bridge (seen from the western side) you’ll be delightfully alone. I didn’t walk the whole thing, might have been a couple of hundred meters left. When on the bridge be careful as it has pretty decent holes between the planks, so it is easy to drop something onto the lake. Along the bridge there is a couple of huts. And as anywhere else in Myanmar, people who sell things 🙂 As I didn’t get the shots I wanted I concluded that going on one of the boats sailing the lake had to be the way to get it. And for sure it is. This is where you get the best pics. Basically a must do! Not just for sunset. I’d say you get the best view regardless of what time of day. You can get onboard the fancy ones, with plastic table and chairs and something bubbly in the glasses it looked like. Or you can do the not so fancy ones that I did, just me and the boatman. Regardless of choice made we all got to enjoy the horrible music someone decided to put on on badly working speakers while we were enjoying the sunset.

I hired a private taxi to take me there and back. Got dropped off at the main side of the river. It waited for me at the parking lot until I got back. Very convenient!

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