Sky Tower Above Expectations!

Nowadays I usually stay away from these kinds of towers, since I’ve already been up a few of them. But as I hadn’t much else to do in Auckland, I decided to give it a go. And to my surprise I had a better time than anticipated. First of all it actually made me get a better view of the city, both literally and figuratively. The view from up there is as you can imagine impeccable, but it also made me change my view upon Auckland, which wasn’t a favorable one. Now I’ll agree it looks like a beautiful city, and I wish I had explored more – beyond the city centre that is. Secondly there is the SkyWalk and SkyJump. Being the chicken I am, I was not about to try any of them, but still it was great entertainment – while enjoying teatime in one of the restaurants, the jumpers were falling past “my” window. In addition to the restaurants and cafe up in the tower itself there looked to be plenty more at the ground floors of SkyCity entertainment center, which Sky Tower is a part of. Remember there is a discount on entrance tickets for travellers holding HI/YHA cards. I though it was quite expensive considering I really didn’t want to do it, but with the discount it was doable.


Note: Photos are by 111 Emergency (#1) and me (#2).

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  1. I always rather like getting an elevated view of a city. Helps give a bit of perspective so would definitely do this. Don’t think I would have done the Sky jump either though. The chocolate cake looks amazing! #citytripping

  2. I, like you now don’t bother with “up high” experiences but good to know that you would recommend this one as we are going to Auckland in 2018.

    Cafe looks nice def don’t want to be doing any of those crazy jumps – I’m a wimp!

  3. i know what you mean about once you’ve done a few you feel like there’s no more need, but i guess the reason why these towers are so popular is because they are so good.My hubby actually did the sky dive off this tower – crazy fool! #citytripping

    • I tried. But I never knew when they would come falling past “my” window, and it all happened so fast 🙂 The windows were pretty dirty(…), so no great view shots.

  4. The restaurant near the top where you got the chocolate dessert seems like the perfect place to relax and people-watch. Oh and that dessert looks yummy! 🙂

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