Tallinn’s Old Quarters

So this is not what I usually associate with an old town. Generally it is a relatively small part of the city, but this time it was a lot bigger than that. It was more like the old part was Tallinn and the rest just add-ons. Most of the old towns I’ve had the pleasure to stroll through up until now has been small, charming ones, this one I would describe as not the most charming old town, but a very charming “regular” town, if you know what I mean. Wouldn’t say there was much to see specifically – well, besides the city wall – but I liked wandering “aimlessly” around. I was also lucky to have my Estonian friend show me the ropes 🙂

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  1. How nice that you went to Tallinn! Estonia is my home country and I’ve always loved Tallinn. Maybe being local, I have a bit of a different experience there. There is actually quite a lot to do starting from free walking tours, amazing little coffee shops in the old court yards, museums, restaurants, roof-top bars and superb night life. If you wander out of the old town, there is great shopping, cinemas, theatre and all that comes with a big city. I have had some similar experiences as you in Tallinn, but in Stockholm. I think every place is made more special by the people you share it with and the activities you do and specially if you have good local intel about the places what to visit. Thank you for sharing your experience though and I do hope you one day end up in Tallinn again and then maybe wonder out to the national parks to spot a bear or go to one of our islands or maybe to a music festival on the beach. x

    • Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed Tallinn a lot! 🙂 The old town just was the least impressive. Hopefully my love shines through my other Tallinn posts 😉 I was lucky to have my Estonian friend show me around, which made it an awesome vacay!

  2. That’s awesome, I was there not too long ago actually. I really liked the town too, but like you said, there is not a lot to do per se and in my opinion, there was a tad too much tourism. Have you been at Olde Hansa? I liked the style and the food and beer there was delicious.

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