Location, Location, Location!

Scandic Front has one thing going for it: location! One block from Nyhavn and a short walk from Strøget, makes it a perfect vantage point for a Copenhagen city trip. And when the bridge between Nyhavn and Papirøen opens, it will add another pro. But besides that it had me contemplating a bit about money spent on hotels while traveling – is mid-range hotels really worth it? I get splurging on high-end hotels, and staying at budget hotels is usually you get what you pay for. Just wondering why pay “lots” of money to stay in an OK hotel? Again I end up with I’ll rather save on hotel costs and stay at a budget hotel, or go all in. Anyway, just my two cents. Back to the hotel. What else? Nice reception/foyer area, OK room – maybe a harbor view room would have made a (small, IMO) difference, breakfast as expected from a Scandic hotel, bicycle rental (which I should have taken advantage of), nice staff, and small grocery store across the street (which comes in handy). At the moment there are some roadworks going on, so outside area it just one big construction site.

Website: scandichotels.com/hotels/denmark/copenhagen/scandic-front

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  1. We have come to appreciate the mid-range hotels more as we have gotten older and are traveling with a child. We used to think, all we do in a hotel is sleep and go for the cheapest central hotel we could. when hotels had amenities we barely used them. But nowadays we use the pool if there is one, daily. We ask the concierge more questions. We stop in the hotel bar after dinner because it will be kid friendly and our child can usually have dessert while we have a nightcap. We spend more time in our room, usually bringing in breakfast and once in a while dinner if it’s really been a long day. we spend more of our evening in the room, too. So appreciate more space and amenities like a table, separate sitting area and balcony or view than we used to.

    • I get that you need some more comfort if you’re traveling with children. Definitely! I’d have luxury all the time if I didn’t have to pay for it 🙂 I’ll do comfort now and again, but priority is to stretch my budget as far as I can, without totally “slumming” it 🙂

  2. Thank you so much for adding tips to the bottom of your posts. I’m off to begin my own journey in January, 2017, and may steal your great idea. Feel free to check out my journey at: andandand.wordpress.com

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