The Little Mermaid

Copenhagen’s Ariel is a fairly long walk from the city centre, out in Østerbro. But even though it takes a while, it is a nice walk along the harbor. On the way you pass Amalienborg Palace and Amaliehaven, and the little mermaid’s neighboring star fortress Kastellet. To my surprise this girl turned out to be highly popular, people were going out onto the rocks in the water to get the best photos. I was just waiting for one to slip and go for an involuntarily dip. And in my opinion it for sure wouldn’t be worth it – I guess this is a go, see, gone type thing. And so the story goes 🙂

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  1. It’s a lovely area around there…we took a boat trip although it was winter and very windy around the waterfront. There were loads of people taking pics…you did well not to get someone’s head in your photo!

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