Oh Alexandria, How I Adore You!!


What a precious little place this is!! Made me so stoked about my decision to see what’s outside Washington D.C. Can you believe this is just a short metro ride away?!?! Well, when you get off the metro you do have to walk for a while until you get to the good stuff, but it is definitely worth the wait….eh, walk 🙂 Everything is just cute. The small shops, the nice harbour, the movie theater with showtimes old-style. It reminds me of the lovely, small towns you see in American movies. There are some “regular” shops scattered in between all this adorableness too, so you can get your spending on, but I’d say just wander around the quiet streets and take it all in, and know you probably want to stay forever! It was also kinda fun to ride past Pentagon metro stop on the way. A bit surreal 🙂

Website: visitalexandriava.com


0 thoughts on “Oh Alexandria, How I Adore You!!

  1. We also love Alexandria. It’a great place to base yourself with kids because of the walkability and critical mass of casual restaurants. It has a great outdoor farmer’s market on Saturday mornings (not sure if that’s year round). And the Torpedo Factory with it’s working artists’ studios as fun and also very accessible for kids.

  2. For some reason we end up traveling through the DC area pretty regularly. We’re always looking for new things to do and places to explore. We’ll be sure to check out Alexandria on our next visit.

  3. I have been several times to Washington D.C. and I have never visited this area. I am getting excited about the area since I have been reading tons of blog posts about it.

  4. I love Alexandria! Great pics, thank you for sharing – it took me back to my college days! Keep up the amazing work! Malibu Mama Loves Xx

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