Rarotonga’s Muri + Lagoon: Meh…


I really don’t want to write this, but, yes, I was far from blown away by the Muri Lagoon… What has to be pointed out though is that I had already fallen in love, with Aitutaki Lagoon, on one of Cook Islands’ other atolls. And when you meet the love of your life it’s hard to settle for something else, at least I would imagine so 🙂 By all means this lagoon is fine. A nice beach to saunter along, with decent views. But the next best thing was to have lunch on the veranda of one of the restaurants. Great place to chill! And the very best thing was I made a new friend, miss Kristi from Estonia, who asked to tag along as I was sprinting down the street trying not to miss the bus from Avarua to Muri 🙂 Muri the village is not much to talk about. Very quiet, but more of a touristic vibe than capital Avarua. If you come, come for the lagoon, which is more or less the focal point on this side of the island.


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  1. I planned to go to Rarotonga with a mileage free air ticket last year… I must go there! Your pictures are perfect. I love them.

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