Ayers Rock ROCKS!!


This ain’t just another rock!! As a couple of people tried to tell me before leaving. Must admit I don’t know why though, but I REALLY enjoyed it – so glad I didn’t opt out! As I was here on an overnight trip from Sydney, and consequently very short on time, I decided to visit at sunrise, and what an impeccable choice! Because on our way there, our driver was kind enough to do an unscheduled stop, so we could get a shot of the monolith when the sun’s first rays lighted the sky. IMO, that was even more impressive than the actual sunrise (witnessed from a man-made plateau packed with people) – however the accompanying cup of tea was nice and well-needed πŸ™‚ After this we were dropped off at the base of the mountain. Here you could join a ranger-guided group walk, but me being me, I decided to walk around on my own. I knew I might be scarce on time to encircle the “rock”, so not being willing to miss my bus ride back to the hotel, and as a result my flight back to Sydney, I ended up doing about one third (in total two thirds, as I had to walk back as well…). One thing I didn’t have to take a stand on was whether or not to do the climb, as the winds were too strong and the trail was closed. Before arriving it was a 50:50 split, but I’m OK with not being allowed. After enjoying Uluru I had to walk 2 km through the outback to the visitor centre/Cultural Centre (return pick-up point). Loved walking through the outback, but not much to see at the centre – besides a dingo crossing the parking lot – that was cool! And to end it all off, we got a nice view of Kata Tjuta on the way back, even though far away.

I headed out to Ayers Rock with Uluru Express (uluruexpress.com.au), which is the perfect choice if you need transportation only. They run on a timetable, and you can choose when to go and when to return. At hotel pick-up just make sure you end up on the right bus – plenty of tour operators stop to pick up people, and not all know who and how many… – in other words a bit chaotic at times.

Website: parksaustralia.gov.au/uluru

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  1. What a wonderful photo of the sunrise. We went to Ayers Rock with all the kids, so it was easier for us to rent a car than to book the bus. It was nice to be able to drive around and stop at our leisure. I was afraid that I’d get there and not be impressed, thinking that being there in person wasn’t much better than just looking at a picture. I was so glad that being there in person really makes a difference. There were so many details that most photos from afar don’t show, and seeing it from different angles was fascinating to me.

    • Yes, flew out in the morning, spent the night, and left on the last flight day 2. Didn’t have much time to spend, and hotels are very expensive, so that’s why things panned out that way. Loved the outback, so wish I had more time, so I could have done this in another way. But had enough time to do Uluru and resort village. Might have been able to squeeze in another “activity” on the night of day 1.

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