Smalhans Is Perfect for Traditional Norwegian Food!

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Thanks to a friend of mine I ended up at this place one Sunday afternoon, after a stroll in the park on St. Hanshaugen in Oslo. I had heard of this restaurant, but didn’t expect what I got. Not to say it was a bummer, because it sure wasn’t – I just didn’t expect traditional Norwegian food, which is not what I usually go for. This however turned out to be a very enjoyable meal, and therefore of course I place for me to recommend to foreigners (and locals 🙂 ) looking for a more authentic Norwegian food experience. Though there more than often seems to be a take on traditional Norwegian food on the menu, they do sometimes stray, so you might wanna check out what’s on for the day before heading out there. Since we got to the restaurant between 04.00-06.00 pm, there was one dish only on the menu – Smalhans – which changes from day to day. Had we gotten there earlier, there would have been different items to choose from, as they have more of a regular setup for lunch. In the evening you can choose from Krøsus and Smalhans. Krøsus being a set selection of small dishes, and, at this time of the day, Smalhans being a shortened version of Krøsus. Confused? Not to be – go enjoy!

As you noticed above Smalhans is located on St. Hanshaugen, which is just outside Oslo’s city centre. I have no idea how to get there (the “downside” to having a friend with a car 🙂 ), but a bus should take you there. The restaurant is very easy to find once in the neighborhood – basically a few metres down the street from the corner of the park, where you get off the bus.



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  1. Sign me up for this experience! I like to try traditional dishes everywhere I go. In some places, sadly, it is not easy to find this food in tourist areas.

    • From all your amazing food posts I’ve understood you’re quite the foodie 🙂 I love delish food as well! Unfortunately I’ve not been the one who must try local, traditional food, but am getting better at it 🙂 In Oslo it is very hard to find traditional Norwegian food, and to be honest we don’t have the most exciting cuisine (I think it is very bland..), so this one is a good option. Probably easier to find it outside Oslo.

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