A (Caribbean) Cruise: To Do or Not to Do?


It all depends on YOU! This was my first time on a cruise, and still my only time, but maybe not my last… Even though I realised quite quickly: I’m not a cruise person! Basically this ended up being, to me, a place to sleep, and a great way of getting from one place to another, in an, I would imagine, otherwise troublesome area to get around. Flying from one island to the other sounds like a lot of hassle, and a lot of money… And this was also time saving, as I travelled while I was sleeping 🙂 Perfect! A new day, a new island to explore! On the cruise ship itself there are tons to do, activities from morning till night, but just not my kind of stuff… Tons of food too – you can eat till you drop! Maybe not superfine dining, but more than adequate. I had a single, outside cabin (with window), which made for great views – amazing sunsets, rockin’ lightning, and watching our arrivals from my bed every morning. The cabin didn’t feel cramped at all. One of the things I dreaded the most beforehand was my one day at sea. But my misconception was corrected. It was not as crowded as I thought it would be, considering how many people that were on board – apparently the cruise was fully booked. To my relief I had no trouble finding my own, quiet space on the upper sundeck level, away from the pools, bars and activities. And last, but not least, there was my movie moment: On a foggy afternoon at sea with no land in sight, I could see with my inner eye the Black Pearl appear from the mist. Ship ahoy!

I travelled with Celebrity Cruises (celebritycruises.com), and found it to be a easy breezy sail. Hassle free check-in at the San Juan, Puerto Rico terminal – leave your luggage with them, and the next time you see it it’s in your cabin. On check-out you leave your luggage outside your door the night before, and pick it up before heading though customs at the arrival terminal the next day. Just know there are tons of bags to look through when you get off the ship. Still it wasn’t too hard to find yours. There were absolutely no problems getting off and back on the ship at the ports of call either. And every evening you were given a leaflet, which detailed what the next day would bring, both on and off the ship, so you were all set to go as the boarding bridge hit the dock. And most importantly, they kick-off the sailing with a safety briefing.

Here are the ports on my itinerary: Puerto Rico ¤ St. Croix ¤ St. Kitts ¤ Dominica ¤ Grenada ¤ St. Thomas


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  1. We took a cruise because the kids wanted something really relaxing. I’m the type who usually has a rather full itinerary of things I want to do each day, so I was finally giving them their way. I looked upon the cruise as being more of an floating all-inclusive resort than as a mode of transportation. Visiting the ports was a bonus as opposed to the primary goal of the trip.

    • I am not a fan of cruises. That having been said, I do like them for travelling to different islands which otherwise be difficult to reach like the Aeolian islands in southern Italy, and the Greek Isles. They are also good for those who are less adventurous and like the structure and security a cruise offers, and can work when travelling with kids.

  2. Like you mentioned, I think it depends on the person. I have been on several cruises and can deny I have enjoyed them. However, I feel like it is not my prefer method of travel. I still have to cruise the Caribbean and, have to find an opportunity to cruise Alaska too.

  3. I was ambivalent about going on my first cruise, too. I’ve recently gone on another one recently and although I wouldn’t consider myself a “cruise person” either, I agree with you that they are sometimes the most affordable and convenient way to travel to some places. The biggest negatives are that I almost always wish there was more time to spend in each port and I’m not that fond of the “at sea” days, but if there are only one or two, I can find things to do on the ship to keep me entertained.

    • Yes, I tried to find the itinerary with the least number of days at sea. In the end I had to “accept” one day, because there were other things that mattered more – islands, area, length. Spent the day tanning, so I was ok, but it was one long day… Hadn’t survived two. Some ports you want to spend more time in, others are just boring. Would have been great with a hop-on/hop-off cruise ship 🙂 Biggest positives are for sure cost and convenience.

  4. I’m not so sure I’m the cruising type…I like the idea of sleeping on a boat. I don’t like the idea of tons of people and lines, lines, lines.

    • Like me 🙂 Surprisingly (considering how many people there were on board) there were almost no lines. Not long ones anyway. I’m not particularly good with lines and crowds either. Sleeping on a boat sounds more like a sailboat. Sounds great, but I might get sea sick… 🙁

  5. I haven’t been on a cruise, as I’d prefer to spent time at the destination rather than slowly getting there. However, there are some places, such as the Caribbean and Greek Islands, where cruising is perhaps the best option. Thanks for giving us an insight into your cruise experience 🙂

    • I get what you’re saying. I usually find the transportation legs to be boring, but lately I’ve been on 7-8 h bus and train rides, and it has been super. Time has miraculously flown by. Yes, if cruising is the “only” option getting there, I’ll do it again. You’re welcome 🙂

  6. I only take a cruise if it is the best way to visit places, like the trip to the Aeolian Islands, Malta and Tunisia, and also the Greek Islands and Ephesus. Otherwise I prefer to stay in one place for as many days as possible, like the 10 days we spent in Buenos Aires, to really get to know the place and people

  7. I really don’t mind partaking on cruises or not. The best moment of any cruise for me is talking to the waiter or waitress that is assigned to our table. Getting to know their background and what part of the world they are from is really nice. I actually kept contact with one.

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