Hostal Goya: My Home in Barcelona!


How lucky was I to come across this place when I needed a place to stay in the Catalan capital? I would say: Very 🙂 Just an airport express bus ride, and one block to the left, and I was home! But even though Hostal Goya is centrally located, just off Catalonia Square, it still feels like you’re off the grid, living the local life in Barcelona, as it is situated on a more quiet residential street. It basically looks like an old apartment building has been transformed into a hotel. Consequently the hotel entrance is pretty anonymous, so you might find yourself walking past it the first time. Upon arriving at the small reception area, I do have to admit that my first thought was: Oh, no! Don’t know why really… But if there were any doubts lingering, they were completely gone when I stepped into my room, which was, despite kinda tiny, very nice with a contemporary look. Adjacent to the reception there is a common room with TV, coffee, tea, computers, magazines, info, etc.


Note: Photo is from hotel’s website.

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  1. Great to feel like you are in a local part of town AND be so central in Barcelona – perfect! #citytripping

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