Dine at BAR Vulkan – and Repeat!

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And I found yet another great restaurant to fill up on fuel! Well, my friend found, and I tagged along πŸ™‚ BAR Vulkan can be a little bit out of the way, and not in the easiest area to find in Oslo, but I suggest you make the effort. Because you will get great food in a nice, lavish interior kind of place, which also has a rooftop bar open in the summer. And it might be easier to get a table here than at the other two BAR restaurants in town. What’s on the menu?, you say. A 4 course dinner, we did. Steak tartare, pulled pork taco, soft-shell crab, artichoke puree-ish, fresh spring roll, ceviche, and caramelized banana with three different toppings for dessert – YUM!! This 4 course menu changes now and again, so I guess that means I’ll….repeat πŸ™‚

Website: barsocialeating.no/vulkan

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0 thoughts on “Dine at BAR Vulkan – and Repeat!

  1. The menu sounds great. Lots of different styles combined. I have been craving a good dessert for several days and that caramelized banana is making the craving worse ;0)

    • That banana was insane!! Probably the best thing about the whole meal πŸ™‚ I like trying different things, so a set-up like this is perfect for me – try a little bit of everything. Happy holidays!

  2. Thanks for visiting my sight and here you have eating info on Oslo! It is on our radar for a future trip but met some folks from there in NYC and they said it was not a good place to visit! LOL! I look forward to exploring your sight and finding more recommendations on where we might find a great meal.

    • Thanks for stopping by as well! I love eating out, so you’ll find a few (Oslo) restaurants tips, and I bet more to come πŸ™‚ I agree that Oslo is not the best thing about Norway, but a day or two can be justified. Just don’t expect NYC πŸ˜€

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