Patio Hostel: A Hostel with Its Own Twist

If you’re looking for budget accommodation in Bratislava, the Patio Hostel is a very good choice! Have in mind that I very often stay at 2-3 star hotels, and my only concerns are cleanliness, safety, location and costs… The hostel, with an image instead of a number on the room door, and wristbands to id the guests, is centrally located in the new part of town, with a big grocery store (and shopping mall) just across the street, and the old town a short walk away. Even though you’ll find yourself in a busy area, the hostel is placed in a quiet courtyard away from the street noise. The walls are however pretty thin, so if your neighbors are of the louder type, you might get to know them a bit more than you’d like 🙂 And last, but not least, here you will find a welcoming and helpful staff.


0 thoughts on “Patio Hostel: A Hostel with Its Own Twist

  1. We are concern about the same things when trying to find a hotel. Thanks for the tip on this hostel. It I ever plan a trip to Vienna, I will definitely visit Bratislava.

    • You should! I liked Bratislava a lot more than Vienna. Had high expectations of Vienna though… Good to know we have the same taste 🙂 Now I know who to ask next time I’m looking for a great place 🙂

    • This was definitely perfect for me! I love going grocery shopping when I’m traveling. It gives me a local feeling, and they always have a bigger and of course different selection than back home.

    • Me too! As long as I’m there for a short time, I’m ok with thin walls. Pretty heavy sleeper though, if I can fall asleep before the commotion starts 🙂 Yes, sometimes it’s all about the price 🙂

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