Most Delicious at Mayan Bistro in Playa del Carmen

Aventura Mexicana

Sometimes the best restaurant is found in your own backyard! It is not often I go for the hotel’s in-house restaurant, but now and again there is the luck of the draw, and this time was one of those moments! The food was soooo tasty, that I had trouble not dining there every evening… And since I’m more or less on the go the whole time I’m on vacation (I always bite off more than I can chew…), it was very nice to come home after a long day out, to a place where I could order food on my way in, drop my bags off, go back down ten minutes later, and pick up the delicious food waiting for me. I have to admit there was a dinner or two spent dirty and tired on the balcony 🙂 The Mayan Bistro is located at Hotel Aventura Mexicana (, which is at the northern end of 5th Avenue. As this is a less busy area during the evening, there is no waiting in line for a table, and you can enjoy dinner in nice, calm surroundings.


Note: Photo is from hotel/restaurant’s website.

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