The Pyramids of Giza Rocks!

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The Pyramids of Giza outside Cairo are all they’re cracked up to be! An impressive sight for sore eyes! The tour I was on started on a plateau with an incredible view of the area, and afterwards we made our way down to the pyramids, and into the Second Pyramid, a.k.a. the Pyramid of Khafre. In all honesty, there’s not much to see inside the tomb, but to me it’s cool to know I’ve been inside one :), and since I’m such a chicken, it was more a dare to myself to crouch down and head into a relatively small hole in the wall. The tunnel itself is not that long. First there is a slightly descending passage, and then there is a slightly more ascending passage, both in which you’ll have to walk bent forward at 90 degrees (I’m 5’2”…). There is however a short, horizontal midsection where you can walk a bit more upright. Inside you’ll find nothing more than a room with an anonymously looking sarcophagus, so I guess it is a very subjective matter whether it’s worth it or not… After our visit inside the pyramid, we were given time to wander around the area on our own. And even though you’re not allowed to climb any of the pyramids, our super cool, Egyptian tour guide asked the guard if my friend and I could do so, and lucky us were allowed to climb a step or three for a nice photo op 🙂



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  1. I wanna gooooo!!! I always wanted to enter a pyramid 😀
    I have been to Egypt 2 times and soon I will be there again, but I go mainly for diving, which means I’m always on the coast. One of these time I want to go to Cairo and Luxor 😀

    Thank you so much for linking up with #MondayEscapes

    • I had never thought about entering one before I got there. Always wanted to climb one though 🙂 I snorkeled for the first time in Egypt, and have been bitten by the bug ever since. Diving looks great, but still to much of a chicken to try, maybe some day 🙂 Yep, wanna do Luxor as well!

  2. I’m so pleased to hear they live up to the hype! What amazing structures… Well done you for going into the confined space. Bet it was quite an experience #mondayescapes

    • I thought it was just amazing to be there, because it’s the Pyramids of Giza 🙂 When I was in the tunnel, it was all about focus – not think about, in essence, having nowhere to go…

  3. I was a bit disappointed with the pyramids. Yes, they are impressive structures and entering the pyramid is really cool thing to do. But I had this image in my mind, that they are located in a desert, far away from civilisation. When I got to Giza, I realised I was wrong. Apart from that, there were too many tourists and mean annoying locals selling all sorts of things.

    • Ah, then I get the disappointment. No faraway desert 🙂 I didn’t find the area of the three pyramids too crowded with tourists and local vendors, but the Sphinx was another matter. But I guess the sizes of the two areas are very different, and therefore two different experiences in that regard.

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