When in Vienna, Go to Bratislava!

Bratislava is a small town, so the a day and a half I had set aside to explore the Slovak capital, I found to be enough. If you don’t mind rushing things a bit, a day trip from Vienna is probably doable too. As in a lot of places, the old part of town beats the new part by miles, so I suggest you don’t spend the little time you might have in the new part. To me, the best part of Bratislava is just strolling around the old town enjoying the townscape, and popping into one of the nice cafes with their super rich cakes. In my opinion there are no must-see sights, but the somewhat anonymous castle has a superb view, which makes the uphill climb worthwhile. Enter the castle grounds from St. Martin’s Cathedral (dom.fara.sk), which by the way wasn’t all that, as it is a lot nicer than from one of the main roads further up (seen from the river). What surprised me most about Bratislava were the quiet streets. A Tuesday morning felt like a Sunday morning in Oslo, like no one had gotten out of bed yet. Even though the level of activity rose as the day progressed, it still had this nice, calm serenity to it. P.S. Don’t leave without trying Slovak food! The Beef Stroganoff I had for dinner was veeery nice πŸ™‚

I arrived by bus from Vienna Int. Airport. I travelled on Slovak Lines (slovaklines.sk). Cheap, very convenient and free Wi-Fi. It took about an hour to get to the bus station in Bratislava. I travelled from Bratislava to Vienna by train. Also about an hour. Ended up getting a return ticket, as it was cheaper than a one-way ticket.

Other things to do: Bratislava tips

Website: visit.bratislava.sk

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  1. Plus 1 to Bratislava. It’s a handy destination if you find yourself in Vienna on a religious holiday like we did. Everything was closed in Austria but Bratislava was open and bustling. #wkendtravelinspiration

  2. I did exactly that when in Vienna in 2013 and planning a return again in December. I love that Bratislava is much smaller and only an hour away, such a quaint little town we have written about on our blog too. Great to find you through #wkendtravelinspiration

  3. Bratislava seems to be popping up everywhere. I would love to visit. We recently published a post Top Travel Writers share their best coffee shops in the world, and one from Bratislava was written about.

  4. I honestly don’t remember if I’ve been to Bratislava the time when I went on a hiking camp in the Tatras. I don’t think so. I’m glad you went, but if you traveled just a bit further, you know, you could have gone to Poland! πŸ™‚ In any case, I’m pinning this post to my “Central East Europe” board.

    • It’s a lot smaller than Vienna, and very different. If you have a day to spare, I would highly recommend it πŸ™‚ You might want to consider going by bus both ways, as it is approx half the price, and not a lot more to see on the train ride. I would have gone by boat (back to Vienna), but they stopped sailing the week before. The ferry ticket is apparently approx double the train ticket…

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