Bath and Bar in Zurich


I LOVE the bath turning into bar concept, which you’ll find at different places along the river banks and lake shores in Zurich. Here you tan during the day, and party at night. And it is packed with people at both times. In the morning it is smart to get there somewhat early to secure a spot, as the wooden floaters fill up quickly. If you would like to go for a swim, you can use the outdoor swimming pool, that the floaters make up, or you take a swim on the outside of the dock. Inside you are able to buy food and drinks, and there are also a few places to sit down. Some of the baths are for both men and women, and others are women only. At nighttime when the bath turns into a cool, informal bar affair, there are no restrictions when it comes to male or female. There is also an entrance fee during the day, not so at night.

PS! Pictured above is the Women’s Pool (Frauenbad). I did not go to this one.

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  1. Really cool suggestion! I was in Zurich in the winter, so I wasn’t able to try this specifically, but I would love to go back during the warmer seasons and do so. Alternatively, there is also the Zurich Thermalbad Spa. They have a heated rooftop pool open all winter (this includes an incredible view of the city).

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