The Tidal Island of Mont-Saint-Michel


In my opinion, the greatest thing about the tidal island of Mont-Saint-Michel in Normandy is the magnificent vista that greets you upon arrival. It is a Wow! moment! The narrow streets within the walls of the village are probably very enjoyable with their small shops and restaurants, when they are not packed to the rim with people, as they were this particular August day. It was very hard to get away from the crowds, and for a person who enjoys somewhat less travelled roads, it was a little bit too much. However, the “concept” of a single village covering a whole island is fascinating, and the beautiful view of an abbey straddled isle warrants a drive-by.



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  1. This is how I felt in some towns in Italy. It’s nice to stay overnight in places like this because they often empty out around 4:00 when the tour groups leave. You feel the town exhale and you can enjoy it more without all those tourists. πŸ™‚ this place has called to me so I’m glad to read about it. Thanks for visiting #wkendtravelinspiration

    • Great advice! I did just that at this small town in Peru, and got to enjoy calmer village life after the day trippers had left. But I usually go for day trips to these small places, as I find it to be less hassle than “moving in” πŸ™‚ Mont-Saint-Michel is a nice place without all the tourists.

  2. We had a hard time making the decision, but we eventually decided not to visit Mont Saint Michel. The crowds scared me off! Ideally, we would have stayed overnight as I assume the early mornings and evenings are quieter when the daytrippers leave. But our short time in France didn’t allow it. So, I’m glad I had a chance to enjoy it in your photo without having to feel the crush of the crowd myself.

    • I get it! It was crowded! And I was slightly panicking… Probably a very good idea. We stayed up in Ouistreham for about a week, so just did several smaller road trips through Normandy.

  3. I agree! I actually liked the view of Mont Saint Michel, like the one in your photos, way better than the actual place. I was there in June and had almost had a panic attack (I’m being slightly dramatic) from the crowds.

    • Like two peas in a pod πŸ™‚ When I walked up the narrow streets, I felt like I was leaving a concert arena or the likes. It was crazy! But I did love the view, so the drive down from Ouistreham was not a waste.

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