And the Liebster Award Goes to…ME :)


In the spirit of my blog, I will keep this short and sweet 🙂

Many thanks to Travel with G ( for paying it forward, and introducing me to the Liebster Award!

About me:
What made you decide to blog about travel, and how did you come up with the name of your blog?
Travelling is one of my great loves. The name of my blog is in the vein of “Be safe”, “Be strong”, etc, and I wanted to tell people: Go explore the world! Also I was able to incorporate part of my name 🙂

How often do you update your blog with a post, and how much time, on the average, does it take you to create and complete a post?
On the average every third day. It takes me a while to write the post, because I always end up reminiscing instead of writing 🙂

What sort of things do you do to prepare for your next travel destination?
I plan ahead as much as possible, so I don’t have to spend my time on the road looking for hotels, plane tickets, etc. I can just enjoy the ride.

How do you choose your next travel destination? Is it a well thought-out decision, or are you the kind of traveler that just picks a place randomly?
The destinations these past years have been decided long in advance, as I wanted to visit all regions of the world. Now that that is accomplished, I have no idea what I’ll be doing next. Whatever I feel like, I guess.

What are the 3 things you MUST have in your travel bag?
Camera, phone, credit card, passport.

What is one of your top travel memories?
Hiking the Wudang Mountains in China.

Multiple choice: I usually stay at: (a) hostel, (b) Bed & Breakfast, (c) airbnb, or (d) hotel?
Whatever fits my budget, and looks clean and safe. Location is also important.

Travel binging – yes or no? Would you rather see a ton of cities in one trip, or do you prefer to stay longer in one place and move around less?
A mix. See as much as I can in one trip, but not rush it.

List 3 books (or movies) that have inspired you to travel.
Geography class at school, and my atlas.

Do you prefer to travel solo, with a partner, or in groups?
After travelling solo in the past few years, this is what I now prefer.

What advice would you give someone who has never left their own country, but wants to travel?
Go! Bring your common sense, and you’ll be fine.

The nominees, to whom I would like to show the love, are:
@vsplyshka (
@stinkysuitcase (
@jslivethedream (
@jenstrvlbug (
@casualtraveling (

The 11 questions to answer:
Big city or in the middle of nowhere?
Travel solo or with company?
Hotel suite or bunk bed?
Top notch restaurant or food stall?
Head above or below water?
By land or by air?
On a flight, sleep or entertainment?
Near or far away places?
Plan ahead or decide as you go?
Budget or sky is the limit?
On day trips, tour group or on your own?

And last, but not least, the Liebster Award rules:
1) Thank the blogger who nominated you, with a link back to his/her blog
2) Answer the 11 questions your nominator asks you
3) Nominate 5–11 bloggers with under 500 Twitter followers
4) Create 11 questions for your nominees
5) Display the Liebster Award logo on your page
6) List these 6 rules in your blog post

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