Whitewashed Arequipa

Arriving in Arequipa I felt everything was white, from the buildings with a Spanish ring to them, to the snowcapped, dormant volcano Misti towering “behind”. All bathing in the sunshine. The city’s focal point is the beautiful Plaza de Armas. Here also lies the city’s cathedral, the Basilica Cathedral of Arequipa (museocatedralarequipa.org.pe). It was not on my to-do list, but with time to kill, and not much else to do around town(…), I decided to pop in. Turned out you have to have a guide take you through the church and museum, but it’s free, or you pay/tip the person as much as you want to. I didn’t find the place too impressive, but it provides an opportunity for a great shot of Misti. As said, not much to do in Arequipa, but I got what I came for, a jump-off point for visiting Colca Canyon.

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Website:Β muniarequipa.gob.pe


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  1. Yup, Peru is a bucket list for us, and Misti is very beautiful. I’m glad the climb was worth the view for you! And, nice for me to see an aerial shot of a place I’ve never visited before! #farawayflies

  2. I loved Arequipa, particularly the Santa Castalina monastry. We were lucky enough to stay with friends who’s house overlooks Misti, fabulous views every day #FarawayFiles

  3. The volcano looks cool! I didn’t knew where Arequipa was but then I checked Google maps and wow you are touring Peru? What other places have you been there by now? Just curious 😁

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