The Coolest Looking Spa Ever?

Caldea in Andorra la Vella was something I came across a few years ago, when I first considered visiting the principality. And with those teacup jacuzzis I was sold! With a ticket price of 35.50 euros, I thought it was a bit steep, but I could not not go. The ticket entitles you to a 3 hour stay, 4 hours if you buy an 1 hour massage, which I did, and highly needed. When checking in, the receptionist said I was lucky as it was a quiet day. With hardly no one there, it was pure heaven! I never thought I’d stay for 3-4 hours, but I actually did. With the regular ticket you get access to the first floor. To the swimming pool, which is like swimming in your bath tub, nice and hot. The pool also extends outdoor. I thought it might be a bit cold, but not at all. Just nice! Then there are the aforementioned striking jacuzzi teacups. Utterly cool! There are sun chairs to relax on, with some infrared feature – I didn’t try. Several other things I didn’t try too, like a Roman bath and something named Sirocco. With the massage you get access to the third floor, where there is a sauna and a cold pool, insanely cold, a hammam, small pools, relaxing area, among other things. And amidst all this, at half past the hour music starts playing and a water show kicks off. If your at the right (or wrong 🙂 ) place, you’ll get swelled, I know 🙂 If you arrive, as me, with only your swimsuit in your bag, you can rent a bath robe, towel, and rubber/latex socks, latter ones did not look particularly tempting… A restaurant is also on site. Didn’t try it. And apparently there is a VIP section on the fourth floor. I assume you can buy a ticket. Located inside an exceptionally looking steel and glass building, the spa is not possible to miss it when walking around town, and you definitely shouldn’t! One of the girls working in the reception at my hotel told me she decided to go herself too, as planning my visit there sparked the urge 🙂


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0 thoughts on “The Coolest Looking Spa Ever?

  1. That looks so relaxing. I never used to be a big spa fan, but find myself seeking them out more when we travel now. What a great way to unwind!

  2. This place looks very enticing. The architecture is amazing. I wonder if it is busy during the ski season.What a nice way to relax after a day on the slopes.

    • It is the best, at least in low season 🙂 Super cool looking! You have to book time ahead, so I assume very busy in the ski season, especially after 3pm, I read somewhere. No better way of healing those muscles 🙂

  3. I love spas and this one has so much personality and is so different from the usual spa! I’d love to go there for a pamper and relax! #Wkendtravelinspiration

    • It is so cool, and nice! I was in one of those teacups when the water show started, so I actually didn’t get to see it, as I was “in” it 🙂

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