Staying in Infamous Bed-Stuy

On my second visit to New York City I wanted to get out of Manhattan, and get a more genuine Big Apple experience, out in Brooklyn. After looking into a suitable vacation rental, I decided on a studio in Bedford-Stuyvesant. Must admit I didn’t see this Jay-Z/Chris Rock neighbourhood coming 🙂 But I had a super time! At first look my corner of this (former) bad rep area is very quiet, and overall it is, but when you look closer you find a few cool looking restaurants and cafes around. My go to place became the nearby deli, Green Gourmet Market ( – perfect! Surroundings are lovely brownstones, both nice looking ones and some which need a bit more work, and Fulton Park, where the guys were hanging out playing chess every evening. And if that wasn’t pleasing enough, on my way home one Saturday afternoon the neighbouring street had decided to throw a block party. And what a party! People barbecuing outside their brownestones, an inflatable castle and other activities for the kids, and above all a band of grey-haired grandmas and grandpas jamming away. In the words of Bill & Ted: Excellent!!

Note: Photo is by Newyork10r.


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  1. One reason i like doing rentals is that it takes you out of the tourist areas and into local neighborhoods, which has advantages. Unfortunately AirBnB is controversial in places like Bed-Stuy. They bring tourist money into areas of the city that don’t normally get that. But they also take affordable rentals off the market for residents.

  2. Cool! I’d love to stumble upon a Brooklyn block party. The last time we visited NYC, we stayed in Manhattan. It would be nice to stay somewhere like this the next time. #WkendTravelInspiration

  3. Excellent indeed! We’ve never experienced a real New York city neighbourhood, family living well outside on Staten or Brooklyn. We recently started looking into the AirBnB listings. Perhaps will find something similar too!

    • Both times in NYC I’ve done vacation rentals. Accommodation is so expensive for a solo traveller, so that has been my best option. Have had great places both times. Will do it again!

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