A Tropical Synagogue

You might think the sand on the floor is a Caribbean thing, but the St. Thomas Synagogue in Charlotte Amalie, and apparently four other synagogues in the world, has another reason for applying this very special feature. They just don’t know what it is… There seems to be a few differing stories going around. The original meaning has basically become obscured. Still it is an unusual element, and an amusing one I think. In my opinion the only reason for visiting the Congregation Beracha Veshalom Vegmiluth Hasadim. For a tourist.

The synagogue is situated in a residential area in Charlotte Amalie, and it is not the easiest to locate. After coming back down the hill to town, I was told by a woman I met on the way that I shouldn’t have gone up there by myself as the neighbourhood wasn’t safe. Don’t know if I was lucky, but I had nothing happen. It was a very quiet area. The only other people I met was, I guess, the man in the photo, and a couple going inside the synagogue as I was leaving.

Website: synagogue.vi

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