Stalin’s Empire State Building

I kind of can see that the Palace of Culture and Science in Warsaw took inspiration from New York’s landmark, even though they are worlds apart as well. The height of this thing, makes it an impressive sight and impossible to miss. The inside though is a different story. Not the Art Deco kind I like. You should know that I stepped inside the foyer on the ground floor only. I did not go up to the terrace to have a view of the city. As I felt it was more of a building functioning as a home for several different institutions, companies and the likes, I had a look around, decided I wasn’t interested, and turned back out.


4 thoughts on “Stalin’s Empire State Building

  1. It will stay there no long anyway … Poles will demolish it soon. We have experience of freeing landscape from russian/communist symbols. We demolished russian orthodox church in 1918, after Poland regained its independence.
    However your remark is inspiring. What if we make it detailed copy of Empire State Building …
    There was a joke in 60-ties …. Russians painted Moon on red. After few months Americans painted “CocaCola” on it.

  2. These monoliths came from a specific epoch of communist history in Russia. 7 of them in Moscow. We saw one in Shanghai too. They all look very similar in design

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