I bet I’m not the only one who forgets to take time to be a tourist in one’s own hometown. So I decided to do something about that, do the Oslo version of New York’s Museum Mile 🙂 My first visit was to the Viking Ship Museum. I’ve actually done it twice. Well, the second time I decided to wait outside with an ice cream while my American friends visiting Oslo were inside. With the amount of people swarming inside the small space it was far from a desirable place to be. If you can choose, I highly recommend to visit outside of high-season. So, back to the first time I visited, and the time I was one out of ten or so visitors, just a perfect choice, regarding both timing and museum! Even though there are not an abundance of items to see, the ones that are on display are superb! Who thought they’d ever see a viking ship in this pristine condition. And the carvings, that were done at a time where tools were not the most advanced. Nothing more to say but, highly recommended!

The Viking Ship Museum is located outside central Oslo, but you can easily reach it by bus. I’d say it’ll take you 30 minutes or so to get there. Since this is one of five museums located in this residential neighbourhood, you can get a lot done on a roundtrip bus ticket (note that will be to single tickets in Oslo), as if you’re up to it, you can walk between the museums. A nice walk I would say. Well, maybe not in the wintertime. Just remember to walk from Norsk Folkemuseum and to the end of the road, and not the other way around, as then you’ll face a steeper road to tread.

Med norske ord: På sightseeing i Oslo er et stopp ved Vikingskipshuset et must!


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