Penguins and Seafood

At Seaforth Restaurant in Simon’s Town you get both. On a day trip including the penguins at Boulders Beach we got a little preview as this place we had lunched at, was next to a beach were some penguins were out and about. Due to the horrible weather I didn’t bother have a look as I knew we would get the chance later on, in plenties. However what you should not let pass by, should you be at this restaurant, is the seafood platter. Exquisite! So glad one of my fellow travellers and I decided to share one. Could see a hint of jealousy on the faces of the others in the group, who had ordered more regular dishes 🙂


Note: Photo is by TayanneLongo.

2 thoughts on “Penguins and Seafood

    • Can’t speak for the other dishes, must admit they looked kind of average, but the seafood platter was superb!

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