Street Food Oslo Style

I had heard both good and not so good things about this place before we decided to give it a go. It is a really cool concept, and I very much hoped it would be a success. Sometimes wishes are fulfilled, sometimes they’re not. This unfortunately turned out to be a case of the latter. Vippa is a street food market, where the stalls are placed inside an old industrial space, with seating both inside and outside. If you’re lucky to find a vacant table at the small outside seating area, you’ll get a waterfront backdrop as the restaurant is located at the harbour. And with the Oslo harbour being quite stretched out, it pays to ask for direction. It is placed a bit off. With all this being to my taste, what did not go down well was the food. From all the different options I chose to go for a duck dish. The stall had put their three dishes on display, making it easier for them, and us too. The food looked really good, and I decided on pulled duck and french fries. Sadly what I got can’t in any way be compared to what was on display. And to make matter worse, it was kind of tasteless. A real bummer! My friends went with Syrian food from the Aleppo stall. They said it tasted good, but I must admit it looked pretty pale. One thing that might be fun to try is Tøyen-Cola, a locally produced coke drink – which reminds me, I should give it a go too 🙂


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