A Collection of Low-Cost Airlines

When looking for plane tickets taking me to, for me, unknown parts of the world, I of course tend to come across airlines I have never heard about, some of them low-cost ones as well. This in turn makes me feel like checking the reviews of these airlines – definitely from a safety point of view, but also how rigid I can expect them to be… Because we all know there are rules, rules and more rules we have to follow to be able to enjoy the perk of a low cost. So, to maybe make it a bit easier for others, who are faced with the same concerns, to choose what to go for, I decided to accumulate (and keep doing so) a list of low-cost airlines I have used, and am happy and not so happy with. Note that I have followed all the rules that apply as best as I could, and that I have not been on long haul flights. Here goes!

Thumbs up:

  • Norwegian I fly a lot. It is one of the two major airlines in Norway. No issues, but I refuse to try long-distance as they have had several problems with these flights, people being stranded for days.
  • Kulula was my choice going from Cape Town to Durban in South Africa. No problems at all. Loved their aircraft safety card 😀
  • AirBaltic I have used a few times, going to Riga in Latvia and Tallinn in Estonia from Oslo, Norway. First time I didn’t know it was a low-cost airline. No problems at all.
  • Jetstar took me around Australia. No issues.
  • AirAsia I travelled on from Yangon in Myanmar to Bangkok in Thailand. Had to repack a couple of kilos at check-in, otherwise ok.

No thumbs:

  • Ryanair I flew from Barcelona to Las Palmas in Spain and back again. I made sure to follow all their rules. Out of the low-cost airlines I have travelled with so far, they are the ones with most things one has to remember to do before boarding. Had to repack a kilo at check-in. The bright yellow in the cabin was striking (hate it!), and I felt like there was a lot of stuff they wanted to sell me during the flights. Otherwise ok.

Thumbs down:

  • So far, so good 🙂

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  1. Sky Airlines and Andes Líneas Aéreas are two low-cost airlines that are very popular here in Argentina/Chile. I work for them, just in case you venture to this part of the world sometime, and need any info 🙂

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