The Highest Point of the Kingdom in the Sky

Not far from the Sani Pass you will find the highest point in Lesotho (you have to cross the South Africa/Lesotho border), so why not tick that off at the same time – it has after all been one long drive from Durban. As this is far from the nearest town (a couple of teeny tiny villages around only), there is not much to see at 3240 masl, but mountains as far as the eye can see. Mountains we were debating whether or not someone has ever set foot on – this is really remote stuff 🙂 Even though it is in the middle of nowhere, the roads are impressive! A result of…Chinese…labor and money – go figure!

This was the point of return on a Lesotho day trip with daytours KNZ ( When I researched online to figure out how to go about this trip, I realised there are a bunch of companies that offer to take you into Lesotho, but in most cases you are brought to Underberg (South Africa), and once there, handed over to another tour company which take you further, in a group with others. As it was hard to find a company who already had bookings with a Durban departure, going with any of them would mean that I had to pay for two people, even though it was just me, as they all had a 2 person minimum requirement. Even though it is a bit more expensive going with daytours KNZ, it means you are on a private, personalised tour, and therefore I was able to do tweaks, meaning I was able to not stop at the Lesotho villages for souvenirs, but instead head over to the highest point in Lesotho. On the way to the Sani Pass, where our adventure started, we stopped a couple of times for refreshments, and lunch in Underberg. The drive from Durban was around 4 hours one way, but with a great and knowledgeable guide/driver, time passes by pretty quickly 🙂

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