Restaurant on the Rocks

This really cool restaurant is located right on the rocks in Hermanus. You enter by walking down a staircase built into the cliffside. You can either sit inside the cave or outside on the terrace or all the way out on the rocks. Just hoping that the waves are not too big, taking you and your dinner out to sea πŸ™‚ I just love the setting!! And when the food is great too, then I’ve hit a home-run. That sea food platter was not only big, but super delicious. Happy, very happy!


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16 thoughts on “Restaurant on the Rocks

  1. I have never seen something similar! Wow, this is so cool! I have seen restaurants located next to waterfalls and would like to visit those. I need to add this restaurant to my list too! #WanderfulWednesday

    • Yes, it is! The only thing missing, is spotting whales from your table. It is a pink tonic of some sort. Looks a lot cooler than it tastes πŸ˜€

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