What Dreams Are Made Of

During my travels I’ve called a lot of different places home, both extremely budget hostels and high-end luxury hotels. Among all these The Lions Guest House in Cape Town definitely stand out. I’ll tell you why, so there’s no doubt where you’ll wanna stay when you visit the Western Cape 🙂 First of all, there is the location, close to plenty of restaurants and shops on vibrant Long Street and trendy Kloof Street, which make up my favourite Cape Town area. In addition to that you have Table Mountain and Lion’s Head at your doorstep, not to mention the stunning view of Table Mountain from the Leopard Room window – nothing beats that! Add a tastefully decorated room with a heater (needed in wintertime 😉 ), big fridge, tea, coffee, still water, and cookies. And should you still miss anything, I doubt they mind you stopping by the kitchen, or the honesty bar (that must be a South African thing), or join in for cake every day at 4. Or, help yourself to the marshmallows and cherry pops on the hallway table – I did 😀 And with a rumoured excellent breakfast, you might not have to leave at all 🙂 The common rooms are just as tastefully decorated as the guest room(s), and in the back you’ll have a nice garden to relax in on sunny days. If this haven’t convinced you yet, here’s more. When you arrive you receive a welcoming letter from the guesthouse team – also remember to add a pin to the visitors map – and an emergency kit! How genius! A guide book, a cell phone (yes, you heard right!), MyCiti/bus cards, with money on them to help you out the first days, a notebook (you can take home), a pen, and a pack of tissues. Not only are they welcoming you in an incredible way, they are sending you off in the same way, with a leaving gift – how adorable is that! All this wouldn’t have happened though, if it wasn’t for the amazing people who make the wheels turn. When I left I didn’t only leave a lovely guesthouse, I felt like I left friends as well. They made my stay even better! As The Lions Guest House doesn’t have that many rooms, to be sure you get to have just as an unforgettable time as me and the others who stayed there had, you better hurry 🙂

PS! If you have questions while planning your trip to Cape Town, they are more than willing to help out. I got an exhaustive list of things to do, from which I could pick and choose, and they helped me set it up, no extra charge. When I felt a little under the weather and decided not to go on a booked and paid trip that day, they were even able to get the money back. That I did not see coming! Just know you can’t go wrong with this accommodation option, at all 🙂

Website: thelionsguesthouse.com

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