Going Steampunk!!

When I realised one of my fellow travel bloggers is from Cape Town, I asked her for some restaurant/cafe recommendations, and this is one of the many she came up with, Truth Coffee’s Truth Cafe. When I googled it and saw that it was a steampunk themed cafe, I just had to go. I don’t know much about the genre, but I’ve seen enough to know I wanted to take a look. It was not only me who was interested. The place was well filled up, and there was also a film team doing a segment, maybe for some travel show πŸ™‚ And we all got what we came for, a really, really cool place! Unfortunately I was 15 minutes too late for my steampunk version of Eggs Benedict. I had to go for something else, maybe a good thing, I’ve been having a lot of those poached eggs on this vacation πŸ™‚ Mushrooms are another favourite, so I decided on some mushrooms on brioche. It would have been great, had it not been for the insanely amount of salt the chef had added. I am very on the other side of salt, but this I believe must have been too much even for the salt lovers. A pity, because otherwise I think it would have been good. Anyways, thanks, Birgit (Groove Is in the Heart), for this one! I had fun πŸ™‚

Website:Β za.truth.coffee/pages/truth-cafe

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14 thoughts on “Going Steampunk!!

    • Me too! Yes, what I had for lunch wasn’t too impressive, but hopefully other dishes are better. Still a cool place to just go for coffee/tea.

  1. Looks like such a cool place! I never understood the whole steampunk thing, but every time I see something related to it, it’s like stepping back in the 1800s! Too bad you didn’t get to try those Eggs Benedict! That’s also my fav! #CityTripping

    • Must admit steampunk has been on the very outskirts of my mind, but it is really cool! It was a hugely popular place, but they were still able to seat everyone who came in the door. I had poached eggs for breakfast/lunch almost every day, so no reason to feel pity for me πŸ™‚

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