My Cape Town

As I was staying in a guesthouse on Kloof Nek Road, my playground became the areas around Long Street, Kloof Street and Kloof Nek Road. And what amazing places! So vibrant and full of character. Some buildings might not look very interesting, definitely not all of them – some are stunning, but if you decide to pop in you’ll find top-notch restaurants, stylish cafes and small shops selling everything from African crafts to South African fashion brands. I found a lot to take home 🙂 This is in the City Bowl, and far from the beach. We did pick up some people from a hotel at the beach for one of our tours, at Sea Point I think it was, and I was so happy I was not staying there. Who needs fancy hotels and apartment buildings as their neighbours?? City Bowl feels so much more authentic and alive. Security wise I was told not to walk alone after dark on Long Street. During the day I had no trouble at all. Love this area!

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